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CISA certification can help boost career and opportunities available

What is CISA?

Organizations of all sizes are using the latest technology, hardware, and software for greater efficiency. Though they experience a boost in productivity when they use information technology (IT), there is also a risk of a breach in their system, which can result in data theft, great losses. Hence most organizations which have invested a large amount of money in IT systems require the services of certified information systems auditor (CISA) to periodically audit their systems, and ensure that there are no vulnerabilities which can cause a breach in the system. As a result, getting CISA certification can greatly improve the career prospects and income of a person who interested in an IT career.

Worldwide the CISA certification is recognized as the standard qualification for those who wish to monitor, control, audit and assess IT and business systems. The first step in getting the certification involves answering the CISA exam and successfully getting the grades required. The CISA exam is in five different categories related to IT systems, like auditing, governance and management, acquisition, development, implementation, operations, services, and management. The last category for the exam involves the protection of information assets.

One of the reasons why CISA certification is so popular is that it proves that the individual is having the skills and experience for auditing managing information systems. ISACA certification is recognized by countries worldwide, and the earning potential of and opportunities available to the person with the certification will be much higher.

CISA Certification Salary

Hence the higher CISA salary compared to a non-certified professional with similar qualifications is a major incentive for many people to undergo the training for the CISA exam and also complete the certification process.

The exam dates 2017 were scheduled by the applicant based on their convenience. Each exam after June 2016, had 150 questions testing the five different areas of the job practice. The computer-based test is scored on a scale of 200 to 800, with 450 being the passing score. Candidates will receive a preliminary pass or fail immediately after they complete the exam. The official score will be emailed to them within 10 days of completion of the exam. Those who wish to find out the exam dates 2019 should be aware of the fact that there are only three windows and the last date for taking exams under the February/May 2019 window for testing is 24 May 2019. From June 2019, tests for the updated job practice for CISA will be administered and the CISA Exam cost won’t be affected by time.

For getting the CISA certification, the job practice is used for determining the experience and examination. The latest instructional design methods and interactive techniques are used to train those who are applying for the certification in the online review course for the CIA. CISA Training courses with virtual instructors are web-based. These courses include demonstrations, instructions, lectures and can be accessed from anywhere. Study materials for the course include journals, articles, publications and primary references. There is also a community for those who are preparing for the exams so that they can interact with each other, get their queries resolved.

CISA Certification Cost

The cost of the CISA certification varies depending on whether the registrant is a member or non-member. The registration fees for 2019, by May 18 are the US $575 for members of ISACA CISA and the US $760 for non-members. These fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to other members. The process for registration online will allow the applicant to register for the exam, purchase study aids and membership of ISACA which can result in substantial discounts in the fees. In the final stage, the registrant can pay using a credit card online, or opt for other payment methods like check or wire.

CISA Certification Requirements

It should be noted that in addition to answering and clearing the test in the last 5 years, there are other CISA requirements for getting certified information systems auditor CISA certification. The applicant should have relevant full-time work experience in the CISA jobs practice area. They should also apply for the certification completing the form which is provided. The form should be completed fully and submitted to the certification body along with a fee of $50. Each application is reviewed before being approved and the review process can take a few weeks. ISACA also has a policy for continuing professional education (CPE) to ensure that all the CISA certified professionals maintain their level of proficiency and knowledge.

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